Blood Feats

Blood abilities/feat
Are bit of a gamble , all rolls are in front of DM

  1. You need to define you blood strength
  2. Your Blood origin
  3. Amount of and Strength of your Blood abilities

Blood level and Strength
roll 2d10’s

  1. = 01-25 Tainted score then roll 2d10 for level
  2. = 26-55 Minor score then roll 6d6 for level
  3. = 56-90 Major score then roll 8d8 for level
  4. = 91 -00 Great score then roll 10d10 for level

Your Blood origin
this can be by region , via DM choice or roll
this limits your choice of feats
01-15 Anduiras(AND)
16-30 Reynir (REY)
31-45 Brenna (BRE)
46-55 Basai (BAS)
56-65 Kyto (KYT)
66-75 Masela (MAS)
76-85 Vorynn(VOR)
86-95 Azrai (AZI)
96-00 Dragons blood

Available Blood feats
Blood Strength 0-10
01-90 none
91- 00 Minor
Blood Strength 11-19
01-15 None
16-80 Minor
81-95 Enhance Minor to Major
96-00 Major
Blood Strength 20-30
01-10 None
11-35 Minor
36-45 Enhance Minor to Major
46-90 Major
91-96 Enhance Major to Great
97-00 Great
Blood Strength 31-45
01-30 None
31-45 Minor
45-60 Enhance Minor to Major
61-75 Major
76-90 Enhance Major to Great
91-00 Great
Blood Strength 46-60
01-15 None
16-30 Minor
31-45 Enhance Minor to Major
46-70 Major
71-85 Enhance Major to Great
86-00 Great
Blood Strength 61-80
01-10 None
11-25 Minor
26-40 Enhance Minor to Major
41-60 Major
61-70 Enhance Major to Great
71-00 Great
Blood Strength 80+
01-40 Major
41-54 Enhance Major to Great
55-00 Great

Abilities/Feats( more to come)
01-05 Alterness
06-10 Alter Appearance
11-20 Animal Affinity
21-26 Battlewise
27-35 Blood History
36-42 Character read/Detect Lie
43-48 Courage
49-55 Direction sense
56-62 Divine Aura
63-70 Divine Wrath
71-77 Enhanced Senses
78-82 Healing
82-92 Heightened Ability
93-95 Regeneration
96-98 Resistance
99-100 Travel

– Minor: roll fails on less then 6
– Major :roll fails on less then 3
checks for surprise
blood lines allowed BAS,BRE,REY,AZI only

Alter Appearance
Change self appearance
Minor – change face and skin,grow beard , no beard, eye color+3 to CHR abilities
Major – look like some one else completely (sex ,race..etc) +6 to CHR abilities
1 rd per character level,
blood lines allowed BRE,VOR only

Animal Affinity
Must pick only one animal from your blood line.
Minor Empathy with 60 feet-must be able to see animal
Major Can speak at will, and regard character as ally
Great can detect and find animal with in 1 mile, have command over them and once per day can shape change into animal form.

Anduiras – Lion or wild cats not panthers or Jags
Basaia- Eagles, Hawks, Falcons
Brenna – Domestic cats or Panthers or Jags
Masela – Dolphins or Sharks
Reynir – Wolves or Dogs
Vorynn – Owls or Horses
Azari-Serpents and lizards
Dragons – excluded

Uncanny ability in Battle to analyze enemies moves and attacks
+2 AC and cannot be flanked (unless surround by more attacker than your level)
blood lines allowed AND, KYT only

Blood History
Know you ancestors history- places, people , things, events
allows cross class skills
Minor-your parents history and life +4 History, Region, Nobility
Major -Grand Parents and Parents +8 History, Region, Nobility
blood lines allowed ALL

Character read/Detect Lie
Read, understanding a person. It takes 1 rd per 2 levels of studying the person
Minor – +4 on perception
Major – +8 on perception
blood lines allowed BRE,VOR,BAS only

Boost to character Fort and Will For
Minor +4 applies to one self
Major +6 applies to Allies with in 10 ft
Great +8 applies to Allies in 100 ft
One boost Per level lasting for a 1/2 rounds per level(min 1)
blood lines allowed AND, KYT only

Direction sense
Character on find their way
Minor +4
Major +6
Masela – sea, Reynir -forest, Vos -Plains, DRG-Air

Divine Aura
CHARM spell at Character level
Minor +2 to DC radius 10ft
Major +4 to DC radius 20ft
Great +8 DC radius 30ft
all but Brenna

Divine Wrath
is RAGE of the barbarian
with a twist it extends to magic attacks (get + to Hit is Plus to level of effect and dc )

Enhanced Senses

Anduiras Detect Evil like a paladin
Minor 2 times a day ,
Major 4 ,
Great 8 times
Basaia is vision
Minor 2 perception and 2 to range attacks and increase ranges by 25ft
Major 4 perception and +3 to range attacks, and increase ranges by 50ft
Great 6 perception and +4 to range attacks, and increase ranges by 100ft
Brenna is hearing and seeing like cats
Minor 2 perception and sight is increased low light and dark +25ft
Major 4 perception and sight is increased low light and dark +40ft
Great 6 perception and sight is increased low light and dark +60ft
Masela balance and at sea
Minor 2 acrobatics and at Sea all sense sight, hearing are increase by +40ft
Major 4 acrobatics and at Sea all sense sight, hearing are increase by +100 ft
Great 6 acrobatics and at Sea all sense sight, hearing are increase by
150 ft
Reynir attuned to wilderness & animals + to survival minor 2, Major 4 and Greatness 8
Vorynn see into the future / divination
Minor = 1/2 per level per day – 8th level caster
Major = character level per day – 10th level caster
Great = Character level +3 per day – 12th level caster
Kyto has level of focus ability -after a round of concentration
Minor = +4 to skill check or +2 to att + 1 DMG per die
Major = +8 to skill check or +4 to att + 2 DMG per die
Great = +10 to skill check or +6 to att + 3 DMG per die
Dragon – breath Minor +1 per day, Major +3 times a day , Great +9 time a day

Minor 1d6 +1 per level, 1/2 level per day LVL 4 can use this twice a day example
Major 2d6 +1 per level +1 effects, Character level per day
Great 3d6 +1 per level + 2 effects, Character level per day + 3 per day

Heightened Ability
Perm Bonus to Stat or Save
Minor +2, Major +4, Great +6
Anduiras(AND) -CHR
Reynir (REY)-CON
Brenna (BRE)-DEX
Basai (BAS)-INT
Masela (MAS)-FORT
Dragon (DRG)-STR

Minor 2 hp per Hour,
Major 10 per Hour
Great 10 per Round

Blindness, Deafness, Burns, Scar, Lameness will take time base on dmg

Minor 1 week per 5 point of dmg to cure these issues
Major 1 Day per 5 point of dmg to cure these issues
Great 1 Hour per 5 point of dmg to cure these issues

Minor 5 points of resistance or reduce effect by 25%
Major 10 points of resistance or reduce effect by 50%
Great 15 points of resistance or reduce effect by 75%

Andurias- Charm or enchantment spells
Basaia – Fire or Light based attacks
Brenna -Movement restraints be natural or magic
Masela – Water based, Wind or Sound attacks magic or natural
Reynir – Cold based or hunger/exposure effects
Vorynn -Magic attacks /Spell resistance
Kyto – Fear, Death and illusions
Dragon – resistance to the Breath attack type

Minor once a month per every 5 levels – with in 5 miles
Major once a week per every 5 levels with in 30 miles
Great once a day per every 5 levels with 100 miles
Considered teleportation

Basaia – Flame to Flame large enough to engulf
Brenna – Road or clearly defined road ways
Masela – Sea water
Reynir – Fresh water , rivers and streams
Vorynn – on Moonlight nights
Kyto – during Sunrise and Sunset a 10 min window to execute and must meditate

Blood Feats

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